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Violent Lips

Over the past few months, I’ve been hearing about this new trend/product called Violent Lips.  It’s a new way to spice up your lips and make a statement that is much more bolder than ordinary lipstick.  Last night, out of sheer boredom, I decided to try some while at home.

There are a range of patterns to choose from which includes pink glitter, red stripes, pink cheetah, denim and more and there are three applications that come in each pack.  I attempted to try the pink cheetah one first (big mistake..lol. Way too daring).  Once I took the application out of the pack, I realized I would need some materials that I wasn’t sure I had. To apply the lip tattoos, you have to have a pair of scissors so that you can cut them to shape your mouth and you have to have a cotton swab and lots of water.  Since I didn’t have cotton balls, I opted to use a wet rag (#FAIL).  To be completely honest, the directions that came in the pack were a bit confusing as well, however there are plenty of handy dandy youtube videos that give very good step by step directions.

The Before

Here’s my end result which didn’t look too pretty. My main mistake was not using enough water to seal the application (the cotton swab would have helped) and I also made the mistake of rubbing my lips together while they were still wet which ultimately messed my application up.  I was also told that you should put chap stick over top of the lip tattoo when you are done.  Duh well.. I have plenty more of these to try so maybe I’ll update when I get it right :)

Check out some pics of chicks that have rocked it well:



Check them out at ViolentLips.com

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to apply


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