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Vision Book

I was shopping the other week and a guy approached me.  I had sparked his interest because I was standing there in the sticker and photo album section of Target, concentrating with at least two scrap books in my hand and a ton of stickers. He walked up to me and started an ‘excuse me miss’ type of conversation before I asked him, ‘Do you think I should get this one or this one’ while showing him a nice pink scrap book and then a green one.  He said, ‘well the pink one is pretty’. I said jokingly, ‘Okay! I’m gonna get green because I’m going to be RICH!’ and put the pink one back.

We both  laughed and then he said, ‘What are you doing?’

I said, ‘I’m about to make a Vision Book’.  Of course, he wasn’t familiar with what it was so I explained:

“A vision book is a scrap book of your goals, things you want to achieve and personal things you want to attain’.

He was intrigued.

Honestly, I first heard there was such a thing back in 2008 while reading Uptown Magazine.  The Editor In Chief wrote a column about her ‘Vision Book’ that she made from magazine clippings and three years later, she went back and looked through her book and realized she had achieved everything that she had placed in that book. I was inspired.

I believe in God. I also believe in the Law of Attraction.   If you visualize and think about something enough, you will attract that into your life, no matter if it’s a person, place or thing.  I started visualizing what I wanted for myself in 2008 and those things started slowly manifesting in my life.  A vision book makes my visualization process clearer.

I also changed my attitude as I began to realize that the energy that you put out in the universe, reflects back on to you.  How can you want positivity and great people in your life if you are always spewing out negativity or have a negative perception of everything around you.  One of the most common traits I’ve found in very successful people who have went on to build huge brands are their positive outlook on life and their willingness to share their energy with the people around them. Once I changed my attitude and perception of things, my life started to change. (Now, I’ll admit, I’ve had some rough patches over the last year or two where I’ve reverted back to that negative attitude but in return I’ve attracted that negativity right back into my life).

Anyway, back to the story…

After exchanging numbers with the guy (I told him I’d invite him to my next vision board party).  I went home to begin my vision book.  I’ve made a vision board in the past, which is made on a posterboard, but this time I wanted to make a book so that I could continuously add things over the years and be able to also look back and see what I’ve accomplished.


First I pulled out my magazine. I have over 200 magazines that I’ve collected over the years so I began the process by looking through them and cutting out the things that reflected my goals. Some things included:  A television camera (I’ve always had dreams of producing), Home decor, a couple in love (everyone wants true love), etc etc.

Next I threw the clippings in a File Folder that with tabs labeled ‘Career’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Family’, ‘Travel’,  Personal Wants etc. This way I could go back and pull out the clippings for each category and  easily construct them on the page as I would like.


I decided to make the first page about my short term career aspirations, so I pulled out my Green scrap book and stickers!

Once I placed the clippings on the page neatly, I took a glue stick and glued them down!  And Woo-lah. This is the first page of my vision book.


Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be adding ‘Long time career goals’,  ‘Family’, Travel, Relationships etc

Have you ever made a Vision Board?

How has it affected your life?

Feel free to share






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